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Welcome to Playpen Nursery

Out and About in the local community

 We feel it is important to give children the opportunity to develop life skills outwith the nursery surroundings and applying what they have learned to real life sitatuions. This can help to develop social skills and allow the children assess and manage new risks.


All age groups enjoy regular outings which include:



Walks to the park and woods

While out on a walk to the local park the children develop life skills which include learning to cross the road safely, following simple instructions and developing an awareness of how to keep themselves safe while they are given the opportunity and freedom to explore.

The children have a great interests in transport and 'people who help us.' Our location allows for children to regularly spot a number of interesting transport vehicles such as, ambulances, buses, refuge trucks and delivery vans. The most popular of all being the hospital helicopters which land on the grass not far from the nursery. On occassion we may take a walk over to watch them take off. If we are really lucky the pilot will flash the lights and give us a big wave. It is very exciting!


Trips on the bus

The children love going on the bus to the library. Small trips like this help children to develop simple numeracy and literacy skills which can be applied to the outside world. For example, the children help to pay for their tickets, look for the correct number of bus and recognise and use simple signs. The children enjoy looking for books and stories related to their current focus and bringing them back to nursery to share with their friends.




Trips to the supermarket


The children take regular trips to the local supermarket where they can continue to develop skills listed above. The children make lists, problem solve where they might find each item, count them as they put them in the basket and learn to ask for help if we cant find what we are looking for. The children enjoy being given the freedom of choice to choose what they might like for snack one week or they may be loooking to taste somethng they have read about while learning about different festivals etc. This is also a good opportunity for children to learn about healthy eating and making good choices.


The farm

Recently the Pre-School children went on an exciting end of term trip to the farm. The children loved helping to feed the animals while learning more about how to look after them from the farmer. We also enjoyed a picnic and a play at the park too.