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Healthy Eating Policy

Snack time is an intergal part in the social life of the nursery. It is also a time to reinforce childrens understanding of the importance of healthy eating.

We hope to achieve this by ensuring that:

  • Snacks provided are nutritious, avoiding large quantities of fat, sugar, salt and additives, preservitives and colourings.
  • We encourage parents to provide a healthy lunch and snack for their children and reinforce the benefits of this.
  • Children will not be given juice in a bottle nor will they be given fizzy drinks whilst at nursery- therefore parents are asked not to supply these.
  • As we promote 'Healthy Eating' and are educating the children in making healthy choices, we ask parents not to supply numerous sweet treats within their lunch as staff will not issue these.
  • Childrens medical and personal dietary requirements are respected.
  • Food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced.
  • A multi-cultural diet is offered to ensure that children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity to try unfamiliar foods.
  • The dietary rules of religious groups and also of vegetarians/vegans are known and met in appropriate ways.
  • Milk provided for children is whole and pasturised
  • Water is available at all times if the children are thirsty.
  • The Healthy Eating policy and snack menus are shared with parents
  • Parents and carers are advised if their child is not eating well.
  • Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners and will be given plenty time to eat.
  • Staff will sit with the children while they eat and will provide a good role model for healthy eating.


The nursery has a wide range of Policies and Procedures which are set out in line with current guidelines from Highland council. If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of one of our policies,  please do not hesitate to ask.